About N.K

Chika as a young girl

N.K (Chika) Anene  is a 25 year old blogger, who studied BA Communication and Media, and MA Journalism and New Media at Bournemouth University. She started blogging in 2008. Surprisingly enough, she discovered blogging through a book she was reading and has been hooked ever since!

Her blog began with personal blog posts about her daily life but soon grew more serious as it continued to harbour more and more readers. It soon became a blog dedicated to more world-focused topics and less personal matters.

Today, N.K's blog is dedicated to discussing wider topics, such as everything from Manga to news related topics. And a few updates on her life every now and again. 

When N.K is not busy blogging, she likes to relax with a good book, or just chill out with family members. She dreams of becoming a published author one day and has a few book projects in the works.

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