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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

SBS series 'Birth of a Beauty'

Sa Geum Ran (Han Ye-Seul) thinks she's married to her ideal husband. Of course she's too in love to actually realise that the type of love she feels for him is not reciprocal. Interested only in a piece of land which is written in Sa Geum Ran's name and which she inherited from her deceased father, Lee Kang Joon (her husband) marries her.  Sa Geum Ran is considered unattractive by her society's beauty standards and therefore finds herself being completely looked down on by other people. It isn't any easier in the Lee household where Miss Geum Ran is constantly slaving away for her ungrateful and inconsiderate in-laws while her husband is away on a "mission" which has lasted for 7 years.  Very suspicious. 

SBS series 'Birth of a Beauty'

Poor Miss Geum Ran doesn't suspect that her husband is actually having an affair with another woman until she witnesses the affair with her own eyes when she goes to look for him after she finds out that he is back in town, but hasn't told her. 

Despite the fact that her husband has been unfaithful, Sa Geum Ran decides that she cannot let him go and begs the other woman, Gyo Che-Yeon (played by actress Wang Ji-Hye), to leave him alone. According to Miss Geum Ran, Miss Che-Yeon is attractive enough to find another man and shouldn't have any trouble with that.  When the other woman refuses, Sa Geum Ran ends up having an argument with her husband and, broken-hearted, runs off threatening to tell the press. Her husband, who is an important figure in the media business is not ready to have his career trashed by his wife and therefore plans to kill her. 

The road is dark and it's raining, making it hard for Miss Geum Ran to notice the car coming from the opposite direction. By the time she realises what's going on it's too late and she gets thrown off a cliff and into the water. She manages to escape the terrible accident scene with just a few cuts and bruises and goes to consult with a surgeon to ask him to change her entire appearance as she wishes to pay her husband back for all the pain he has caused her --  which he doesn't want to do at first, but after a lot of pleading on her part, he agrees to do it. 

The surgery is successful and Miss Geum Ran is unrecognisable in her new body. She is ready to get back at her husband and put her dignity back where it belongs.  

My thoughts so far:  I am really digging this drama! It's funny and very, very interesting. Like a good book which has me constantly turning its pages to find out what happens next, this drama has me continuously clicking on the next episode. Every puzzle piece of all the hidden mysteries in this drama is important. 

I do have a tiny reservation about this drama though. I don't see what was so wrong with how the character looked at the very beginning, and I feel that the fact that she decided to have a complete plastic surgery transformation sort of sends out a very wrong message in terms of what beauty should be, and how it should be appreciated. Does a person really have to undergo plastic surgery procedures to be accepted in society? That's clearly the idea I'm getting from most of the scenes and comments in this drama. People would barely look at the main character while she was her previous self but suddenly, after her transformation, almost everyone wants to either date her or be her friend -- literally drooling after her.  

As with previous dramas, I feel that a good heart always manages to win the audience over in the end because, being pretty and being evil at the same time doesn't cut it. I guess the writers of this particular drama didn't think there would be a story line if there was no transformation. Who knows. 

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